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“Our trip to Germany and Holland with Excel Sports was a fantastic experience for our team. The experience of traveling and playing overseas was a bonding experience for my team and all came back with an enthusiastic attitude towards the upcoming season. One of the highlights of the trip were the casual dinners we enjoyed with the other teams in Germany, this really gave our guys a chance to see how people around the world live.”

John Plevyak, Head Coach, Stevenson University Men’s Soccer, Holland

About Holland:

Holland is the perfect destination for teams of all levels, ages and genders but is particularly suited for Girls/Women’s teams. Holland offers plenty of playing, training and cultural opportunities everywhere you look. We use Amsterdam as the base to explore all Holland has to offer as it provides great opponents as well as great cultural and historical opportunities. The Dutch people are some of the friendliest and welcoming people in the world.


HollandAmsterdam, the hub of Holland, is unlike any other European city. It boasts a tradition formed by names such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank, as well as canals and architecture dating back centuries. Amsterdam offers many possibilities for sightseeing, but it is the characteristic atmosphere of the city that makes it so worthwhile.

Sights to see in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House, the Canals, Rembrandt House, Amsterdam Arena, Royal Palace, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Windmills and much more!

For more information about Holland, visit Holland’s tourist website.