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It was an absolutely amazing experience for the girls and myself. We had an outstanding time and got to play some of our best soccer. Thank you so much for all of your work in organizing this trip for us. I will definitely recommend this tour and Excel Sports to my colleagues and friends. It was nice to see the girls mingling with other teams from all over the world. I can speak for all of the parents and say that we all thoroughly enjoyed every part of this tour.

Debra Stranaghan, Coach, Kelowna X-treme, England/Sweden

About Sweden:

In Sweden, the most popular sport is soccer. Despite being a relatively small country population-wise, both the men’s and women’s national teams and the club teams have gained rather large success from time to time. The first association to administer a Swedish national football tournament was Svenska Idrottsförbundet, founded 1895 in Gothenburg, the dominating football town in Sweden, at the time.


Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city. It has become one of the most popular tourist areas in Scandinavia as tourists and other visitors return year after year. The city is known for fine, locally produced ingredients and top-notch restaurant life, which makes it a great reason to visit. Gothenburg is also the gateway to the Western Archipelago, with its peerless isles and barren grey skerries and they are easily accessible by boat from the city.

Sights to see in Gothenburg:  Gothenburg Opera, Botanical Gardens, Liseberg, Alvsborgs fastning fortress, Gunnebo Castle, Skansen Kronan, Haga, Gothenburg Cathedral and much more!

For more information about Sweden, visit Sweden’s Tourism website.