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WorldStrides Excel Programs

International Soccer Tours

For Youth, High School, College and ODP Teams

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Information to Know Before You Book

Tips choosing the correct travel partner from the National Tour Association:

  1. Verify that the Tour Company or travel agency is a member of a professional association such as NTA.
  2. Verify that the tour company has General liability insurance coverage. Professional tour companies should have this coverage.
  3. Don’t be taken in by an attractive Web site. An eye-catching web site does not ensure the reliability or integrity of the company.
  4. Carefully read the company’s cancellation and refund policies.
  5. Ask the company for client references. Attempt to get a reference on a client or group with whom you are familiar.
  6. Request specific hotel and airline names, addresses and phone numbers-broad terms such as “all major hotels” and “all major airlines” are warning flags. Insist on a local phone number if given an 800 number-this will establish that the tour company or travel agency has a central office from which it operates.

Information to Know Before You Travel

Breeze through the Airline Booking Process with these tips:

  • Because of the high level of airport security, it is imperative that passenger names match the spelling on passports exactly.  Before you book flights with WorldStrides Excel Programs double check that the name you give matches your passport exactly.  Any spelling or name discrepancies that arise after tickets are issued will result in either costly amendment fees, the purchase of a new ticket, or even denied boarding by the airline.
  • As our destinations are international, check the expiration date of your passport. Many countries require a validity of at least 6 months beyond your travel dates.
  • Check to see if you need a visa to travel, apply if so.
  • Airline taxes are additional and are subject to change without notice until tickets are paid in full and issued.
  • WorldStrides Excel Programs is not responsible for airline schedule changes, cancelled or delayed flights.

Do Your Research On Your Destination:

  • Scan world news and check for any safety administration’s warnings.
  • In every country where we travel, we work with top-level coordinators who assess their local situations. This network of coordinators briefs us on new safety precautions implemented by countries.
  • We provide extensive pre-travel preparation for our team.

Sightseeing Options:

Purchase Travel Insurance:

Information to Know While You Are Traveling

Breeze through the Airport with these tips:

  • Have your passport and e-ticket receipt ready during check-in.  Take your passport out of any passport cover or holder.
  • Make sure all baggage has a bag tag on it with your contact information.
  • Make sure all baggage complies with Airline (websites below) and TSA regulations. WorldStrides Excel Programs works with the following Airlines:
  • Make sure to pack a pen in your carry on bag to fill out any immigration and custom forms.
  • Make sure to check that any items you are bringing back into the US meet the Customs and Border Control regulations.

Safety Regarding Air Travel:

The Transportation Security Administration has required additional security measures at all U.S. airports. Similar measures are in place at airports across the globe. To help teams prepare, we provide information regarding packing, customs, and related guidelines through mail, e-mail, our website and pre-travel packets. In our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, we will continue to provide updates as needed regarding airline and airport security measures.


“This trip was so great. On the coaching end, we progressed everyday as a team. The competition allowed them to see where they need to be individually and where the USA needs to be at the youth level. I honestly feel the major part of our progression was the players actually seeing the difference of play.”

Megan Schmidt, Coach, Maryland State Girls ODP, Denmark
“Our trip to Manchester, England with Excel was fantastic! It was a perfect combination of outstanding soccer, beautiful sightseeing and incredible fun for everyone! Was truly a lifetime experience with memories we will cherish forever. Thank you Excel!”

Teresa Heitzmann, Chaperone, Maryland State ODP, England
“Our trip to Germany and Holland with Excel was a fantastic experience for our team. Although we had a small group, the trip was worth it. Playing overseas was a great experience for my team and all came back with an enthusiastic attitude for the upcoming season. Our tour guide, Stephanie was a great leader and her knowledge and work ethic made the trip a success. Highlights of the trip were casual dinners we enjoyed with other teams in Germany. This showed us how people live around the world.”

John Plevyak, Head Coach, Stevenson University, Germany & Holland
“You cannot and will not find a better company to deal with and handle all of your needs as a group to travel to any country. I have had the pleasure of using this company and participating in over 8 trips and not one wasn’t a ten and I mean that. They are professional, quick on their feet and use the best guides you can imagine. You will not go wrong using them.”

Herb Gainey, Maryland ODP Girls Head Coach and St. Mary’s College of Maryland Head Men’s Soccer Coach
“The trip was fantastic. It was a trip that allowed me to share an incredible first visit to Europe with my two son's. The memories are for a lifetime. I miss Robin "Woody" Woods, our tour guide and now friend, already!”

Bob Viti, (Dad) – Hood College – Manchester/Stirling
“I highly recommend Eric McAleer and Excel Sports to anyone thinking about international travel with a youth sports team. We took a U12 boys team to England to play in a tournament and it was fantastic. Eric and his staff have lots of experience so any challenge that arose was quickly solved. The professionalism was outstanding but the attention paid to us set them apart. Eric and Excel were always cheerful and fun. They made every participant important and made good trip become really great.”

Terri Spurgeon, FC America, Liverpool
“I strongly recommend Excel to any team looking to explore a new country. With our tour guide Paul's help, our team was able to experience the culture of two major cities. Our team was able to see all Barcelona and Madrid had to offer. He also shared some great local food and shopping spots. This trip had something for everyone, but I enjoyed the chance to train at incredible facilities and play really talented clubs the most. This was a trip of a lifetime and it was all possible with Excel.”

Claire Woolley, McDaniel Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach
“Our team recently took a trip to England. Excel did a great job integrating requests for our overall experience. As the coordinator, I appreciated Excel's responsiveness during planning. Excel handled all logistical requests and the itinerary was a reflection of their experience and our requests. It was reassuring to know we'd have tour guides through the entire trip. It was a trip of a lifetime. I'm thankful we worked with Excel and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Angela Schichner, Three Lions United, London and Manchester
"Our entire team and coaching staff had an amazing 8-day tour to Barcelona, Spain this past spring. The trip was the perfect mix of competitive games against local professional teams, some fantastic sightseeing and cultural experiences in and around Barcelona and the opportunity to watch close-up a number of professional games and training sessions. Thank you to Excel Sports for making this happen!"

Luke Wildy, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, George Washington University, Barcelona
"Our England trip with Excel was a top quality experience for our program. The training facilities we used were excellent and for our players to face the reserve teams of three top EPL teams was a great opportunity for them. Our players also toured Old Trafford Stadium and attended the Manchester United v Liverpool and Spurs v Arsenal games. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our players."

Sasho Cirovski, University of Maryland, Head Men's Soccer Coach, London
“The Whittier College Women's Soccer program took part in a 10 day tour to the UK. Excel Sports matched all of our needs, organizing competitive soccer games with local opponents. We also utilized much of our free time to visit various parts of England/Scotland- while enjoying the culture, the food and the people! Two visits to professional games was the icing on the cake! Without a doubt, we will be using Excel Sports for any future foreign travel...They are the absolute best!”

Monica Gerardo, Head Coach, Whittier Women’s Soccer, England
“Working with WorldStrides Excel Sports Programs has been a pleasure for me and our state association. From the planning, actual trip adventures and post debriefings, I have always felt that our relationship with WorldStrides Excel Sports Programs has been an awesome experience in every facet of world travel. I'm always exited for the kids traveling to the European destinations and coming back with a lifetime of soccer memories.”

Mark Cantor, President, MSYSA
“The cultural experience traveling to Scotland with our boys was absolutely fantastic. WorldStrides Excel Sports crafted an itinerary perfectly balancing matches, training and sightseeing. The boys were constantly upbeat when exploring historical sites, stepping out the tunnel at Celtic Park and even on the bus as we drove through the countryside. I recommend this trip to anyone from a first time traveler to an experienced adventurer, a soccer tour is a totally unique way to explore the world.”

Conor Prachar, MSYSA Boys, Scotland
“WorldStrides Excel Sports was there for our Knox Men's Soccer program from Day 1. They worked closely with me and listened to me. This was the first international trip for our athletic program. I'd call the experience "User Friendly." From the president, to the representatives in Costa Rica; everyone was professional but made us feel like part of a larger family. In the end, when our amazing 9 days concluded, our program was undoubtedly better from the experience. We can't thank them enough!”

Tyler Sheikh, Knox College, Costa Rica
“WorldStrides Excel Sports Programs provided a trip of a lifetime for this group! Thank you so much for all you did to set everything up including great hotel, food, tour director, games, and the Barcelona v Sampdoria game.”

Graeme Millar, Stevenson University Women’s Soccer
"Our trip was spectacular from start to finish. The opportunity to train, play, and experience Barcelona is something that will not soon be forgotten. The cultural influences we encountered will be lasting and the memories will last a lifetime."

Mark Biagi – AZ ODP Boys, Spain